Banking Solutions

IT & Security Solution for Banking Sector.

Solution for Branch
  • Setup of Banking Domain,Computers Laptop Network & Servers.
  • High resolution CCTV cameras and DVR will record details of the suspicious persons.
  • Low light CCTV cameras will capture images in such areas.
  • Fire Alarm Panel (Smoke Detectors) Will Alert the Staff about the Fire & It will keep them from Preventive Actions.
  • Bugler Alarm Panel Will Provide the Alertness During the Non Working Hours to Will Capture any Motion Activity through Motion Detector.Any Suspicious Activity through Vibration Detector & Opening of Any Unauthorized Door by Magnetic Door Contact.
  • Access System will Restrict the People for Accessing the Unauthorized Area.
Solution for ATM
  • Access to only authorized persons & identification of offender
  • High quality footage to help authorities identify and alert its network
  • Easy and seamless upgrade to the latest solution
  • System alerts can be set when repeat offenders try to transact
  • Fire Alarm Panel (Smoke Detectors) Will Alert the Staff about the Fire & It will keep them from Preventive Actions.
Solution for Cash VAN
  • Card based restricted, controlled and monitored access to van staff
  • The CCTV system will provide backup of all the video files and data through removable hard disk case
  • Integrated mobile DVR and Access control

Corporate Solution


  • Vehicle and License plate recognition. –
  • Video monitoring of the vehicle.
  • HD Images with integrated POS can help identify offenders.

Intelligent alarm System with more reliability

  • Sending alerts when a shelf gets empty.
  • IP cameras in intelligent systems can spot empty shelves – and

alert appropriate staff to get them restocked.

  • Footfall counting system can ensure proper

deployment to cater to the customers.

  • Remote accessibility on your smartphone SMS/Email alerts

Health Care Solutions

Security Challenges In The Healthcare Sector Include:

  • Restricting Accessibility To Private Areas.
  • Deterring Tampering Of Records, Or Misuse/ Theft Of Hospital Supplies/ Resources.
  • Monitoring Staff And Visitor Behavior.
  • Tracking Footfalls.
  • Monitoring Day To Day Operations.

Security solutions include:

  • Ultra HD IP surveillance cameras
  • IP surveillance cameras equipped with motion detection
  • HD IP surveillance cameras
  • IP surveillance cameras equipped with people counting analytics
  • IP surveillance solutions with remote monitoring feature

Retail Sector Solutions


  • Securing Parking lot
  • To manage POS transactions
  • Real-time monitoring with alerts.
  • Shelf is empty and store manager is clueless
  • I will be away for few days. Yet, store will open

Lakshya Solution

  • HLC/WDR cameras with inbuilt Analytics. NVR
  • IP MP cameras vOptimus Pro(Integrated POS)NVR
  • NVMS Software with inbuilt analytics, vOptimus Pro
  • IP Solution, Voptimus Pro
  • IP Camera with integrated people counting solution, vOptimus Pro, IVS boxes
  • IP Cameras, KVMS PRO

Real Estate Solution

Transport Solution

Police Security Solution

Police Station Surveillance Monitoring of feeds form Police Station for L&O management

Dashboard Cameras Ready to install HD cameras with built-in memory, specially designed for Police vehicles (viz., PCR vans, Towing Vans etc.)

Surveillance Vans Provide live feeds and geo- Location form location of incident for faster emergency response

Traffic Surveillance at Traffic junctions for smooth traffic operations and management with ANPR solution

Towing Van Surveillance Cameras installed at the front and back of Towing Van provides live feed to the control room

RLVD & Speed Violation Detection of Red Light and Speed Violations

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