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“Prevention is Better than Cure”.Lakshya AMC Services Provide all the security system to keeping your organization Safe.We Provide Fire Alarm Panel which alert building occupants and emergency response personnel before extensive damage occurs. Automatic Fire Alarm systems do this by using electronic sensors to detect the smoke, heat, or flames from a fire and providing an early warning.To protecting ur families, roommates, and possessions. One potential thread is Burgling.Lakshya AMC Provide Burgler Alarm to Keep ur Love one safe.

Our Access control System provide , you will have a record of every opening and attempted opening of each door or area. The audit trail can be valuable in resolving employee issues, such as time card restrict their access to those times than to give them a key that allows access at any time or day.When keys are lost, stolen or not returned by former employees, it is an expensive process for a business to completely rekey each door.

We can help you with the following Sales , Services & AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract):

  • Access to employee
  • Restricted Access
  • Time Management
  • Attendance System
  • Fire Detection.
  • Siren & Alertness
  • Power cutoff
  • Motion Detection Installation
  • Vibration Detection Installation
  • Panic Switch Installation
  • Door Contact

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